The National Museum of the Royal Navy in Portsmouth is now open.
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The National Museum of the Royal Navy, located on Portsmouth's Historic Dockyard, brings history to life. It showcases treasures from the past 350 years and examines the common threads which link the sailor of England’s ‘Wooden Walls’ to the professional crews of today.

The Royal Navy has helped to shape the world. It made Britain a dominant sea power, protected its trade in troubled times and defended Britain from invasion or carried the attack overseas. The Royal Navy has touched the lives of millions of people worldwide, affected servicemen and women and the families of those who built, serviced and supplied its ships and influenced the lives of communities overseas.


HMS – Hear My Story is a major exhibition situated in the Babcock Galleries at the National Museum of the Royal Navy in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. It tells the undiscovered stories from the ordinary men, women and ships which have made the Navy‘s amazing history over the last 100 years, the century of greatest change.

HMS brings you closer than ever before to the real Royal Navy as their heritage is brought together for the first time for this major exhibition.  Through cutting edge interpretation see and hear the stories of the Royal Navy through war and peace; from the storms of the Arctic to the heat of Afghanistan. Get immersed with technology to disguise your ship, hunt a submarine and send messages in code. Meet the veterans who can tell you first hand their stories of living and fighting at sea.

HMS is also an exhibition where your story matters. Take part, share precious personal memories about yourself or your family, add these stories to history and join the debate on what the future may hold.

HMS Victory: The Nation's Flagship

The brand-new gallery HMS Victory: The Nation’s Flagship greatly enhances our visitor offer for HMS Victory which, now includes the ability to walk under her enormous hull on a dedicated walkway, weaving through the recently completed and new state of the art support system.

The new gallery tells the story HMS Victory from acorn to icon. Looking beyond her immortalised role at the Battle of Trafalgar Through a mixture of large format cinematic film, interactives, newly displayed and previously unseen artefacts including a shot-damaged section of original Victory mast from the Battle of Trafalgar and a spectacular ten-foot-tall, 200-year-old figurehead.

The exhibition charts her decline and rescue in the 1920s by the Society of Nautical Research (SNR) and the dramatic events when she could have been permanently lost to the nation.

It introduces visitors to the people, both famous and not so famous, behind the ship’s 256-year history and adds to her rich story with new snippets of information for even the most ardent Victory fans. 

Also on display in the gallery is W L Wyllie’s The Panorama of the Battle of Trafalgar. Measuring 13 x 4 metres it is perhaps the largest representation of the battle in existence and it has been housed in the built building since 1930.


The National Museum of the Royal Navy, Portsmouth is Now Open.
Visit the National Museum of the Royal Navy, Portsmouth all year. Enjoy weekends, holidays and days off, having quality time out with friends and family at the Museum.

NMRN Portsmouth, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, Victory Gate, HM Naval Base, Portsmouth PO1 3LJ

Opening times:

Normal Opening hours are 7 Days a week 10am – 5pm (Last Entry into VC 16.00, last entry differs on attractions some 4.15, some 4.30, some 4.45) during winter months (November to March)

April to October opening hours 7 days a week 10am-5.30pm (Last Entry into VC 16.30, last entry differs on attractions some 16.45, some 17.00, some 17.15)

The first pre-booked slot will be 10am and final time slot in winter months is 15.30, summer months 16.00

Opening hours are extended for the School Holidays. Therefore we will be additionally 9.30 pre-booked slots on the following dates: It’s not opening hours that are extended persay. There is a prebooked timeslot  - so can get into site but no attractions are open until 10am

April 9 - 24

May 28 – June 5

Pre-booking is advised but we do accept walk up visitors. Discounts are offered on pre-booked tickets.

M33 opens all year round 11.30-15.30


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The National Museum of the Royal Navy offers an exciting range of interactive learning opportunities and resources to enthuse and inspire learners of all ages and abilities.


Experience the 800-year story of the Royal Navy across the Museum’s galleries and attractions.

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