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The National Museum of the Royal Navy is an arm’s length body under the Royal Navy and is funded by public revenues, which in turn is governed by the Managing Public Money principles and Public Contracts Regulations (2015).

We have numerous projects in a variety of areas across the country which we are looking for help with. If you think your business can help, we are keen to hear from you.

The NMRN advertise all procurement tenders on the GOV UK website Contracts Finder, which includes all accompanying documents.

To search for procurement tenders on the GOV UK Contracts Finder search please use the following key terms in the search:

  • "NMRN"
  • "National Museum of the Royal Navy"

If you have any questions please contact us at

Please note that any changes to dates, tender documents etc. will be made on the GOV UK Contracts Finder.

Frequently Asked Questions

The tender documents to be completed by the tenderers will consist of: Standard Selection Questionnaire (SSQ) Tenderer Response Pack (if responding to an Open ITT) Invitation to Tender Tenderer Response Pack Form of Tender Declaration.

Each of these documents will explain the required information to be included by tenderers and further information can be found within the ITT document that will be published at the time of tender release. Sections D-E-F of an Open ITT must be completed as part of the submission, failure to do so may result in disqualification due to non-compliance. 

Parts 1 and 2 of the Open ITT are the mandatory Selection Questionnaire sections which are required under law (Public Contracts Regulations 2015) and enables suppliers to make a self-declaration on their own behalf in the following areas:

  • Their organisation and proposed bidding model
  • Grounds for exclusion from procurement procedures
  • Financial standing and technical capability

Clarification questions can be raised with the NMRN directly during the tender process through the email.

Only questions raised through this method will be answered by the NMRN during the tender period.

However, on receipt of any clarification questions NMRN will publish the response to all tenderers to ensure a fair spread of relevant information and no advantage to a provider asking the question.

All bids are assessed and scored by a dedicated evaluation panel assigned to the project.

The evaluation criteria for every scored question is outlined clearly within the relevant document and scored questions can be found within both the Standard Selection Questionnaire Tenderer Response Pack and the Invitation to Tender Response Pack.

The scoring methodology used by tenderers is included throughout the tender documents.

Each evaluator will score the questions. This is then collated, and a moderation meeting is held which discusses each tenderers response to the question and a final score is agreed in every instance.

All tenderers will receive a letter from the NMRN confirming the outcome of their bid.

This will be issued directly to all tenderers and will detail scores awarded in response to the assessed questions, and the reasoning behind them.

Where you require further assistance with tendering please contact the NMRN with the issues being experienced.

Where the question is related directly to the procurement process and may be of interest to all tenderers or confer an unfair advantage, it will be shared on the clarification log.