Diving Deep Exhibition

Diving Deep Exhibition at NMRN Portsmouth

Built by the French in 1744, HMS Invincible was captured by the Royal Navy in 1747 and became the blueprint for all Royal Navy 74-gun ships. HMS Invincible sank after 14 years in service running aground at Horse Tail Sand, in the Solent, near Portsmouth.

Rediscovered by a local fisherman in 1979, the site of the wreckage was declared a protected site in 1980. The first excavation began shortly after, with dive seasons finishing in the summer of 2019. The purpose of the excavation was to recover and preserve fragile artefacts from the ship as they became exposed.


HMS Invincible Legacy

The Invincible Legacy

Learn how HMS Invincible impacted the Royal Navy and the legacy she left behind.

HMS Invincible Divers

Rising from the Depths

Watch the divers at work immerse yourself in the dive film, which will make you feel like you are diving on the wreck without getting wet.


HMS Invincible Artefacts

Recovered Artefacts

Gain an insight into how 18th century sailors lived, dressed and ate.

HMS Invincible Conservation


Learn how the recovered objects are conserved and then looked after by the museum.




Plan your visit

Plan Your Visit

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard is open all year round from 10am every day. 

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 Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, Victory Gate, HM Naval Base, Portsmouth PO1 3LJ
 Opening times: 10am – 5pm

A Welcome to Diving Deep by Director General Dominic Tweddle


Keeping Safe at the Diving Deep Exhibition



HMS Invincible is one of the Royal Navy’s most famous ships. The original Invincible was an innovative Georgian warship which originally belonged to the French navy. This famous ship revolutionised warfare at the time with many ships in the Royal Navy being modelled after her and a total of seven carrying on her name.


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