Due to uncertainty around changing COVID regulations and the potential impact of sickness within our teams; NMRN may be required to adjust opening hours or close sites at short notice. Whilst all efforts will be made to avoid this and to contact ticket holders ahead of visits we do ask you to check our Facebook and Twitter accounts for details of closures. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding. 

Pre-booking is advised, and visitors must wear masks for their safety and the safety of others, unless exempt.

HMS Caroline remains temporarily closed. Find The Latest COVID-19 Updates Here.


Health and Safety

This document has been produced as an information source for visitors to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. This document does not replace your own assessment being undertaken.

Further guidelines are produced by each venue at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard to provide more information on their internal areas.

General Safety

Every effort has been made to make Portsmouth Historic Dockyard a safe environment for visitors but we request especially for groups and young children move about the site in a safe and orderly manner. Climbing on external exhibits – figureheads, cannons, sets and anchors are not authorised.


The General Environment

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard is located within a controlled working environment and although the hazards are slight there are several of them – you will note uneven steps, cobbled streets, low lighting levels and the proximity of water. The level of risk is low.



There are three areas in the Historic Dockyard near to the water:-

1.       In front of Action Stations

2.       Behind HMS Victory

3.       Alongside HMS Warrior

There are handrails of suitable heights and strength at all of these attractions. There are also throw lines and life buoys available at points around the water area.



A variety of surfaces – cobbles, sets, concrete, ramps and stone steps make the ground uneven, particularly at the far end of the Historic Dockyard. Groups and individuals should be aware the risk is slight and the likelihood of an accident occurring is minimal. Wheelchair users and those who find walking difficult should be warned of the difficulty and allowed extra time for moving from place to place.

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