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Jon Pentreath

Trustee of the NMRN Main Board representing the Fleet Air Arm and a member of the Nominations and Remunerations Committee.

Jon retired from the Royal Navy in 2020 after a 36 year career, the majority of which was spent in the Fleet Air Arm. In his final role as a Rear Admiral he commanded the Joint Helicopter Command, made up of the Royal Navy’s, the RAF’s and the British Army’s battlefield helicopters. Since leaving the RN he has formed a successful consulting business, specialising in offering strategy formulation and technical advise into the defence, security and aerospace sectors.

Jon became the Fleet Air Arm’s trustee to the NMRN in 2020. Aside from his obvious interest in the Fleet Air Arm Museum, of which he was previously a trustee/director before the NMRN formed, he is fascinated by naval history in the round and driven by bringing the current RN and the Museum closer together.