Royal Navy Submarine Museum

Discover the story of the Royal Navy under the sea at the Royal Navy Submarine Museum

Get up close to HMS Alliance at the Royal Navy Submarine Museum, the only remaining Second World War era submarine.

Explore the decks and narrow corridors, look through the original periscope and hear the stories of those who served onboard.

Inside the museum

See the museum’s other submarines including Holland I and X24 as well as photographs, documents, ship plans and artefacts from another time.

Discover Silent and Secret, a new exhibition which follows the Royal Navy's at sea nuclear deterrent telling the story of those who served under water for months at a time. See objects that retell hidden conflicts and first-hand accounts from crew onboard.

Take in the history of the site and find out what it was like to face danger underwater. See how a crew of 65 were fed in a galley the size of a broom cupboard.

From under water to above ground

After you’ve explored inside the museum, head outside to the memorial garden or to view the harbour area.

For the perfect photo, take the water bus over to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard and see the busy harbour area as well as giant Royal Navy ships including the newest aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth.

If you're looking for the perfect souvenir, head to the museum shop and discover something for every memory made. From pencil toppers to blends of Royal Navy inspired spirits, there's a keepsake for everyone inside.

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Explore the Royal Navy Submarine Museum and more with a Full Navy Ticket. Enjoy your visit in Gosport then afterwards, head to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard to see our other attractions.

Umbra Crew

Crew of the HMS Umbra.