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The National Museum of the Royal Navy offers an exciting range of interactive learning opportunities and resources to enthuse and inspire learners of all ages and abilities. Using our world-class collections, expertise and facilities, our programmes provide unique, unforgettable learning experiences.

Led by specialist educators, our site-based activities combine inspiring hands-on experiences with quality learning to bring subjects to life.

Fleet Air Arm Museum

Investigate naval aviation from the first manned kites, airships, seaplanes, bi-planes to the carrier craft of World War 2 and modern Sea Harriers and helicopters.

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HMS Victory

Experience life on board the world’s most famous warship, learn about the real lives of the crew, and uncover the inspiring story of Horatio Nelson and how the battle of Trafalgar was won.

National Museum of the Royal Navy, Portsmouth and HMS Victory

Discover how the Royal Navy helped shape the modern world through stories of courage and determination, enterprise and endeavour, heroism and sacrifice:

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HMS M.33

New trails and activities coming soon.


Royal Marines Museum

Explore the fascinating history and learn about the lives of the extraordinary people who have become Royal Marines. Please note that there will be no learning activites taking place at the Royal Marines Museum from the 1st April 2017 due to the public galleries being closed.

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Royal Navy Submarine Museum

Dive into history by walking onto the Royal Navy’s very first submarine Holland 1 and going on board the World War 2 Submarine HMS Alliance.

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Explosion Museum

New! Home Front Christmas
Coming soon 27th November to Friday 15th December
Contact: education.bookings@nmrn.org.uk

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HMS Hermes returning from the Falklands