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Royal Navy Submarine Museum

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Take a deep dive into the fascinating world of submarines at the Royal Navy Submarine Museum.

Discover HMS Alliance, the only remaining Second World War era submarine. Explore the decks and narrow corridors, look through the original periscope, and hear the stories of those who served onboard.

As well as HMS Alliance, you can explore the other submarines including Holland I and X24 as well as photographs, documents, ship plans, and artefacts from another time.

Don’t forget to go to our Silent and Secret exhibition which follows the Royal Navy's at sea nuclear deterrent, telling the story of those who served under water for months at a time. See objects that retell hidden conflicts and first-hand accounts from crew onboard.

Museum Open
Monday to Sunday | 10am to 4.30pm

Open daily during school holidays
Haslar Road, Gosport, PO12 2AS
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Original Royal Navy Jolly Roger flag from HMS E45

See Beneath the Surface

Did you know that Royal Navy submarines used to fly Jolly Roger flags? This cheeky tradition started over a hundred years ago in response to one Admiral comparing submariners to "pirates". 

Lieutenant Commander Max Horton embraced the comparison and flew the first Royal Navy Jolly Roger as he returned from sinking a German warship in 1914. From this act submariners began handmaking their own flags, each one telling the unique story of the submarine on which they served. 

You can see the earliest surviving Royal Navy Jolly Roger, and learn more about their incredible history, only at the Royal Navy Submarine Museum.  

What to see

Silent and Secret

Take a fascinating look into the personal accounts of those serving onboard Britain’s At-Sea Nuclear Deterrent Programme at the Silent and Secret Gallery.

Science and Submarines Gallery

Have you ever wondered how a submarine works? Well you can find out how these marvels of engineering work, and the science behind them, at our Science and Submarines Gallery.


Uncover the remarkable stories of the X-class submarines which played a crucial part in the success several Second World War operations, proving that size isn’t everything.

HMS Holland 1

Come and see the first ever submarine commissioned by the Royal Navy at the Royal Submarine Museum.

HMS Alliance

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a submarine? Now you can find out on HMS Alliance at the Royal Submarine Museum in Gosport.

A wooden map showing the ship maneuvers of the Royal Navy during D-Day

D-Day Map: Operation Neptune

Learn more about one of the largest naval campaigns in history, 'Operation Neptune'. This interactive map, created for the 80th anniversary of D-Day, is based of the original Southwick House Map used to plan the landing at Normandy. 

Plan a visit

By car:

You can access our museum by car and if using a satnav device, please use the address: Haslar Road, Gosport PO12 2AS

Polite notice: Whilst the postcode is correct, satnavs may direct you to the centre of the naval base. Please follow tourism signs for the Submarine Museum once you've entered Gosport


A Waterbus from the Historic Dockyard runs regularly to the museum. 

The waterbus operates between 10am to 4pm daily during Summer, unless weather or other operational restrictions apply. During Winter, the waterbus operates under a restricted service, weekends only and subject to weather or other operational restriction.

The Waterbus is unfortunately unable to accommodate wheelchairs, due to the unsuitability of the jetty and steps. A suitable wheelchair can be pre-arranged to meet the waterbus on arrival in Gosport. Please ask a member of staff for details or email to confirm availability.

Please note that your safety is our number one priority and the sea is subject to change. Due to this, the waterbus may not be running. In the unlikely event the waterbus stops running when visiting one of our Gosport sites from Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, you will need to arrange alternative travel back. This can be on the Gosport Ferry, which is larger than the waterbus so can operate in rougher conditions, or arrange a taxi from a local company. The National Museum of the Royal Navy will not be able to reimburse you for alternative travel arrangements.


You are able to walk between our two Gosport sites. Please note however that this is a 2 mile walk and will take roughly 40 minutes.

We welcome all visitors to the Dockyard and we have tried to make it as safe as possible. However, some of our attractions are historic buildings and ships, and we know that there can be challenges for some visitors.

For those who believe they will be limited in their visit or need extra support we do offer access restriction discounts, free carer tickets and on-site additional support.

The Royal Navy Submarine Museum has a buggy park is available for guests to use. Please note that your buggy and any items left in the buggy are left at your own discretion and we take no responsibility for anything lost or stolen.

Accessible toilets are available to guests at the museum

Free WiFi is available to our visitors. You will need to sign in and agree to terms and conditions.

Snacks, sandwiches, drinks and ice creams are available during your visit from the Visitor Centre.

During Hampshire School holidays additional hot snacks and pasties are available from the onsite Harbour Coffee Stop.

We source our ice cream from Judes, Winchester. We are eager to stock local from other South Coast suppliers – if you are interested in supplying to our café, please contact us.

Visitors are also welcome to bring their own picnic to enjoy on-site.  

Find out more information on our dedicated school visits page.

Groups of 15 or more are welcome at the Submarine Museum.

Contact us to book your group visit today. Call - 023 9283 9766 (opt. 3) or Email

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Guidelines for visitors (2024)

To ensure all visitors to The Royal Navy Submarine Museum have a safe and rewarding experience we have compiled these brief safety notes.

All buildings, historic submarines, and exhibits are assessed regularly and maintained to a high standard, as are equipment and procedures (e.g. fire evacuation). Due to the nature of our attractions, some hazards cannot be avoided but they can be mitigated. They all may have raised sharp edges, electrical hazards, fire hazards, trip/fall/slip hazards and rusty/dusty artefacts. First aid trained staff are available at all sites. Please approach the nearest members of staff if any assistance is required or an emergency occurs.

All Front of house staff are trained in evacuation procedures; in the event of an evacuation alarm, please follow the instructions given by the staff. Do not stop to collect your belongings. Please contact a member of staff should you need assistance.

The General Environment

The Royal Navy Submarine Museum was once part of the HMS Dolphin site and has undergone many changes over the years. Visitors will encounter uneven surfaces across the site made up of a variety of materials including cobbles, decking, tarmac and concrete.

While efforts have been made to make the museum as accessible as possible to all visitors, some areas may present difficulties to visitors who use wheelchairs, have restricted mobility or have visual or hearing impairments.

We recommend you wear sturdy shoes and dress for the outdoors i.e. layers and warm coats.


The National Museum of the Royal Navy is protected by 24-hour CCTV. Visitors are responsible for their own health and safety while visiting our museum and are expected to take reasonable precautions to prevent accidents or injuries.

In the event of an emergency evacuation please follow staff instructions, who are trained to ensure people get out of the museum galleries safely and quickly.

Conservation and Maintenance Work

There is always work happening across all our sites to keep our historic Submarines and buildings safe and well maintained. You may come across areas barriered off during your visit. Please ensure that members of your group do not enter any of these areas.

Safety Information

Common hazards on site include.

Outside areas and museum galleries

  • Historic site with uneven surfaces across the site. This includes cobbles, concrete, tarmac, decking, and uneven concrete steps.
  • Very cold temperatures during winter months and hot during summer months.
  • Site is exposed to the elements in sunny weather with limited shelter.
  • Low light levels in galleries to protect collections.
  • Proximity to water on waterbus jetty.

HMS Alliance

  • Historic submarine.
  • Access via metal steps (a lift is available to access the aft torpedo compartment for wheelchair users or those with limited mobility).
  • Very cold temperatures during winter months and hot during summer months.
  • Low light levels.
  • Multiple pipes, valves and fittings - mind your head!
  • Trip hazards on the decks (various deck fittings).
  • Small hatches to step through. Trip hazard.
  • Claustrophobic environment.

Holland 1

  • Historic submarine.
  • Access via a ramp and steps.
  • Low light levels.
  • Multiple pipes, valves and fittings - mind your head!
  • Trip hazards on the decks (various deck fittings).
  • Small hatch to step through. Trip hazard.
  • Claustrophobic environment.

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