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Welcome to Learning Voyages, the engagement and learning programme for HMS Caroline. Here you will be able to find out about everything we offer to visiting schools and community groups. 

For all enquires, to discuss planning a visit, discuss costs or to arrange a free recce visit (teacher/community leaders only) please contact:

Phone: 028 90 454484 (option 3)

Below you can find information on:

  • KS2 Guided and Self-Guided Visits
  • KS2 Workshops
  • SEN
  • Curriculum Links
  • Outreach - schools and communities (children, young people and adults)
  • Learning Resources

See below for more info on our KS2 and KS3 offering. KS2 teachers can also download our KS2 Learning Brochure.

Learning Sessions at HMS Caroline

KS2 Self-guided Discovery Visits

Self-guided groups will be provided with an itinerary tailored to suit the needs of your group. You will also receive Discovery Visit Trails, which pupils work in pairs to complete as they move through the ship. The structure of these resources provides a potential for extension activities back in the classroom. A Teachers’ Guide is available to support teachers in interpreting the ship.

Maximum capacity: 60. Groups of 30 pupils or more will need to split into two smaller groups.

KS2 HMS Caroline Voyage - guided experience

In this session your trained guide will ‘bring to life’ the historic spaces and experiences of life at sea for HMS Caroline's crew.  Using enquiry-led approaches and a kit bag of handling objects, pupils will be encouraged to engage, interpret and problem solve. This visit will also include use of our Discovery Visit Trails, which pupils will use in pairs. A tailored itinerary will be provided to suit the needs of your group.

Maximum Capacity: 60. Groups of 30 pupils or more will need to split in to two smaller groups.
Please contact us to discuss the format for Self-Guided and Guided Discovery visits.

KS2 Add-on Workshops

We currently offer a selection of ‘add-on’ workshops to complement your Self-Guided Discovery Visit or Guided Voyage experience:

Kit Bag Stories: Explore handling objects from our collection, archival photographs and extracts from the letters and diaries of HMS Caroline’s Crew to find out more about a sailor’s life at sea during the First World War. (WAU, PDMU, STEM)

Home and Away: This session encourages pupils to explore and examine life in Belfast compared with life at sea 100 years ago. Using a selection of handling objects and resources, pupils will compare living and working conditions, clothing, food and pastimes. (WAU, PDMU, STEM, ARTS)

Ahoy- Communication at Sea: This session introduces some of the main forms of communication on and between ships during the First World War. Pupils can explore voice-pipes, semaphore, Morse code and ciphers. Through challenges and tasks, they can crack codes, explore how sound travels and interpret information. (WAU, STEM)

Christmas at Sea: A Christmas themed programme exploring life at sea during the First World War. Pupils will discover how the crew on board HMS Caroline prepared for Christmas in 1916. They will learn about the types of decorations used to dress the ship, how sailors communicated with family members as well as the variety of presents sent and received at Christmas. Students will have the opportunity to get hands-on by creating their own First World War era Christmas card and handle replica gifts of the period. They will also engage their senses by exploring the types of food sailors consumed at Christmas time during a period of rationing and austerity. (WAU, PDMU, ARTS). Available from the 19th November to mid-December. Suitable for KS1 and KS2.

Workshops last approximately 1 hour. Capacities can vary. Contact us to discuss adding a workshop to you self-guided and guided Discovery visit.

Pick and Mix Themes

We also offer Life at Sea ‘pick and mix’ themes that you can choose to build your own workshop using 2 of themes below. Please contact us to discuss this option.

• A Square Meal (STEM, PDMU, WAU)
• Dazzle (ARTS, WAU)
• A Sailor’s Ditty Box (PDMU, WAU, ARTS, Language and Literacy)
• A Sailor's Kit (WAU, STEM, Language and Literacy)
• Material Detectives (WAU, STEM, Language and Literacy)
• Through the Eyes of a Boy: The First World War at Sea (STEM, PDMU, WAU)

Please contact us to discuss the above workshop themes in further detail and the format of your visit when including an add-on workshop in your itinerary.


For KS2 and KS3 SEN groups, we offer interactive sessions where pupils can explore life at sea through the senses. Topics covered can include, journeys, personal belongings, clothing, sleeping and eating.

Please contact us to discuss activities, capacities and access.

Curriculum Links

Our sessions, trails and downloadable resources are designed to support the KS2 NI Curriculum through fostering positive attitudes and dispositions as well as providing activities which develop pupils’ skills. The sessions seek to offer a range of activities that offer hands-on experiences and promote investigation and problem solving within a supportive and fun learning environment.

Areas of Learning:
• World Around Us
• The Arts (when the session involves any craft activity/ role play)
• Language and Literacy
• Environment and Society
• Working with Others
• Thinking Skills
• Managing and Interpreting Information


We can facilitate outreach workshops in your school or venue delivered by members of the HMS Caroline Learning Team.

School, Youth Groups and After-School Clubs

Maritime Travellers Outreach Session: This session aims to introduce the history of HMS Caroline, and experience of life on board the ship through a range of engaging, interactive and fun activities.  Session format and activities can be adapted to the needs and requirements of groups.

No prior knowledge of HMS Caroline is needed and the activities are pitched to be accessible for all. Whole-class, paired and group activities will be used to foster pupils’ communication skills, creativity and skills working with others in the context of a supportive learning environment. WAU, MATHEMATICS AND NUMERACY,

Please contact us to discuss outreach for your group. Outreach sessions have limited availability and so must be booked well in advance. For all enquiries, costs and booking please contact the Learning and Engagement Team on  or on 028 90454484.

HMS Caroline in the Community: Adult and Community Engagement

HMS Caroline in the Community offers outreach workshops for adults delivered in community venues.

These sessions can be tailored to the size and requirements of your group. Workshops offer insight into HMS Caroline’s history and life at sea 100 years ago through objects, costumes, archives and photographs. We can tailor the session to focus on specific themes relevant to HMS Caroline’s story. Sessions can also be delivered to include a creative, hands-on activity.

We offer an outreach session that is registered as working to become Dementia Friendly with the Alzheimer’s Society NI. The session combines object handling, music and a creative activity (if specifically requested).

If you would like to find out more about HMS Caroline in the Community workshops please contact us at or on 028 90 454484.

Learning Resources

Pre-Visit Resources

We offer a selection of resources to prepare your pupils for visiting HMS Caroline. These resources are aimed at KS2.

Post Visit Resources

A selection of resources for after your visit to HMS Caroline. These resources are aimed at KS2.

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