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Preservation of the Fleet Fund

Since the National Museum of the Royal Navy was established in 2009 we have worked tirelessly to save key historic ships, boats and aircraft. 

Conservation is a key part of our day to day activity and plays a vital part in preserving these historically important assets for visitors today, but will allow them to be enjoyed by future generations, immersing themselves in living history. On- going conservation of a historic fleet is challenging and often requires specialist skills and we are solely responsible for raising funds for our conservation projects. 

We have established the Preservation of the Fleet Fund allowing companies to specifically donate to, to enable us to continue our vital conservation projects so that we have funding available when we need it most. With corporate support we can continue to preserve some of the most historically important pieces of naval heritage, including HMS Victory, HMS Warrior housed in Portsmouth, HMS Alliance and Holland I submarines in Gosport, HMS Trincomalee in Hartlepool, and Naval aircraft in the Fleet Air Arm Museum, Yeovilton.