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Royal Navy Submarine Museum: Saving HMS Alliance latest headlines

The periscopes of the historic HMS Alliance were removed by a giant crane as part of a £6.75m conservation project to restore the only surviving WW2 era A-class submarine sited at the Royal Navy Submarine Museum in Gosport. The periscopes have not been moved for nearly 40 years.

HMS Alliance is equipped with two 40ft periscopes one for general use and one for attack. The Attack scope is made of bronze and dates from the submarine’s construction in 1945. Both periscopes need to be removed so that they can be restored. But with neither scope having been moved an inch since 1973 when HMS Alliance was decommissioned; there was some trepidation among staff about how difficult it will be to draw the periscopes out of their wells and up the length of the conning tower.

Bob Mealings, Curator at the Royal Navy Submarine Museum said, “We had done all the preparation and studied all the old manuals but at the end of the day we were still holding our breath nd hoping they come out without a problem”

The Museum’s restoration contractor ML UK Ltd, based in Portsmouth, used used two large cranes to extract the historic periscopes. The periscopes were then loaded onto a lorry for transportation straight to the Faslane submarine base in Scotland where they will be restored to full working order by the Babcock periscope workshop.

HMS Alliance is curently encased in a giant white tent as she is currently being taken apart piece by piece as part of the £6.75m Saving HMS Alliance conservation project.

For more pictures of the periscope being removed, visit the Royal Navy Submarine Museum's Facebook page.

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