Wilson's VC & broken sword

These are the medals and orders awarded to Sir Arthur Knyvet Wilson VC . His Victoria Cross is shown top right, but it also includes his earliest medal – the Crimea Medal (1854–56) with "Sebastopol" clasp – and the latest - King George V Coronation Medal 1911.

‘I tried to run him through with my sword …’ Learn why Captain Arthur Wilson won the Victoria Cross in 1884 and how his sword broke during the fight. Chosen by Richard Noyce, Curator of Artefacts.

VC Blue Ribbon
Made from bronze melted down from parts of two Russian guns captured during the Crimean war of 1856.Before 1918 Naval recipients wore their medals on a blue ribbon. Afterwards all VCs were worn with a wine red ribbon.

Wilson Sir Arthur
Sir Arthur Knyvet Wilson VC

White BG