The HMS Caroline Experience

Discover more about the spaces on board HMS Caroline

Jutland Experience


Step on board HMS Caroline and be blown away by a dynamic film showing the drama and devastation a battle can bring. 


Historic Spaces


View the impressively recreated Captain's Quarters, Marine's Mess, and Wash, as well as the very important Engine Rooms, Sick Bay and Galley Kitchen. Each of these spaces have been restored to look as they did in 1916.


Signal School 


Soak up the atmosphere as you learn about communication at sea during the 20th and 21st centuries. Try your hand at using a First World War signal lamp and see if you can crack the code using techniques such as semiphore and flags. 


Engine Rooms 


Descend into the engine rooms and experience the space as it would have been in 1916.


Torpedo School


Ascend into the Torpedo School to explore naval weaponry and dazzle.  Learn all about war at sea, create your own dazzle design and see if you can evade an enemy attack.


Mess Deck Cafe


Take a break in the Mess Deck Café. Enjoy a hot drink or tasty treat in the very space the crew would have slept and ate.  


Virtual Access Suite


The Virtual Access Suite provides access to remote and hidden areas of HMS Caroline.  Learn how the ship works with interactive exhibits and take control of HMS Caroline in the Virtual Bridge.  




Walk along HMS Caroline’s decks and see the ship’s replica 6-inch and 4-inch guns. Don’t forget to head up to the Navigating Bridge where you can view the surrounding Belfast Harbour.

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