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Engine room of HMS Caroline

Engine Room

Dive down below the waterline of HMS Caroline and see her incredible engine room, preserved just as it was when she was an active warship. Experience the sights, hear the rumble of her turbines, and maybe even catch the faint whiff of oil as you explore the very heart of HMS Caroline. 

Nautical innovation reignited

HMS Caroline's steam powered turbines were engineering marvels, capable of reaching 30 knots (55.5km/h) and producing 40,000 shaft horsepower. For comparison the V6 turbocharged engine of a Formula 1 racing car can only generate 1050 horsepower, although they are quite a bit quicker than she was!

The first workable turbine was patented in 1884, by Charles Parsons, and were widely adopted by the Royal Navy in 1906. Turbines did not just generate higher speeds; they were lighter and more compact than earlier engines, and with less vibration, turbine-powered ships were more stable gun platforms, increasing the accuracy and range of the guns. This made them the perfect fit for a light cruiser like HMS Caroline, with her turbines being among the earliest surviving examples in the world.

During your visit you too can see these incredible machines, and with our immersive audio-visual effects, feel what it must have been like for the sailors who worked below decks. 

Exterior of HMS Caroline

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