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Discovering Diatoms - the Art of Scientific Drawing

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Multiple diatoms

Meet the experts and learn all about diatoms, the microscopic organisms that are essential to our aquatic ecosystems. What's more you'll get a chance to draw your own diatoms, using scientific equipment to see these hidden heroes.   

Led by Dr. Mariem Saavedra-Pellitero, from the University of Portsmouth, get a fascinating look at these tiny but mighty algae. Diatoms play a critical role, transforming carbon dioxide into life-giving oxygen through photosynthesis.

In this hands-on event, children ages 7+ will get to view diatom samples under microscopes and even try sketching their intricate and varied shapes. It's a unique chance to appreciate the beauty and importance of these microscopic organisms up close.

This event takes place on Thursday 4 April 2024 between 11am to 3pm in our Worlds Beneath the Waves Exhibition, where you can also discover more about our incredible underwater ecosystems. Entry to the event is free with a Ultimate Explorer ticket.

About the Team

Dr. Mariem Saavedra-Pellitero

Dr Mariem Saavedra from the University of Portmouth with a microscope
Dr. Mariem Saavedra-Pellitero, expert in micropalaeontology at the University of Portsmouth

"My name is Mariem Saavedra-Pellitero and a I am a senior Lecturer at the University of Portsmouth.  

I am a micropalaeontologist who uses microscopes to study beautiful tiny (living and fossil) marine algae called coccolithophores (pronounced "coc-co-lith-o-fours") to reconstruct the climate of the past. To do so, I participate in long-research (2-months!) international oceanographic expeditions to the Southern Ocean."

Katelan Carter

Katelan Carter, a second-year Marine biology student at the University of Portsmouth
Katelan Carter, student at the Univeristy of Portsmouth 


 "I’m Katelan Carter, a second-year Marine biology student. Passionate about microbiology and how the invisible world has such a massive impact on life."

This event has been made possible by our National STEM program, co-sponsored by Serco, Airbus and Newton.