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HMS Caroline remains temporarily closed. Find The Latest COVID-19 Updates Here.


Top Five favourite places on HMS Caroline (according to Trip Advisor)!

1. Engine Rooms

‘Our favourite part was the engine room - the darkness, the sound effects and vibrations all felt so real!’

Did you know that the engine room on board HMS Caroline is still accessible to walk around today? Complete with rumbling sound effects, creative lighting it feels like the engines are still alive today and it really gives you a sense of what it was like for sailors who worked in this space.


2. Mess Deck Café

‘While having a cup of tea in the old mess hall I could almost hear the laughter and conversation of its crew.’

The Mess Deck Café is on board in the lower decks of HMS Caroline, serving drinks and light meals such as sandwiches, soup and tray bakes. One hundred years ago, the Mess Decks were used to house most of the ship’s company with enough space for up to 94 men to sling their hammocks and eat their food.  It’s the perfect pit stop in the middle of your tour to reflect on the history of HMS Caroline, eating in the same place as sailors, but thankfully, not the same meals…

3. Drill Hall & Jutland AV

‘ … A superb audio visual recreation of the day of the battle that is both visually stunning and very moving.’

The first stop on board HMS Caroline is the drill hall where you watch a short screening about the Battle of Jutland, history’s greatest naval battle. The impressive visual presentation is accompanied by thundering audio to give a sense as to what trials sailors went through during the battle. Today, HMS Caroline is the only surviving ship that fought at Jutland on 31st May 1916.

4. Captains Quarters

‘The Captain's quarters are beautifully furnished, Officer's quarters would have been comfortable, the Marines on board not so much!’

Walk into the authentic historical spaces on board HMS Caroline and it’ll feel like the crew never left! Could you have slept in a hammock like the marines and seamen? Or would only the Captain’s Quarter have done for you?

5. Interactive Displays 

‘There are interactive displays which appeal to children of all ages, including my father!

If you’re more interested in technology than historic spaces, the Virtual Access Suite and the Signal School will keep you entertained and test your knowledge! Try cracking the codes in the Signal School, steering the ship in the Virtual Access Suite, or you could find out all about the different parts of a ship! Not just for children – big kids welcome!

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