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Student intern launches new exhibition

Willy Wong, Student Intern from the University of Leicester returns with another article on a new display for an exhibition he’s recently completed. He is a part of a heritage internship programme at the National Museum of the Royal Navy. His work involves working across the National Museum, including the new exhibition, the Making of a Royal Marines Commando which has recently opened in Action Stations at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

Before the exhibition launched, Willy took an active role in dressing several mannequins, transforming them into Royal Marines Commandos. Each mannequin was added to different environments to simulate the experience of a Royal Marines Commando. This realistic depiction shows the different types of environments Royal Marines might operate in and the challenges they may face.

This included setting up mannequins in mountainous, Arctic and amphibious environments. Willy also took the time to organise written content which explains the types of warfare experienced in each one.

The exhibition also takes a historical look at the Royal Marines Commandos involvement in conflicts abroad. Historical examples including the French and German army suffering appalling losses due to extreme cold during their campaigns in Russia.
Both armies were lacking essential winter clothing, resulting in continuous loss in manpower due to starvation and sickness. These historical examples show the importance of the military properly equipping their soldiers when sending them into extreme environments.
This image of a mannequin shows some of the specialised equipment that is designed to cope with Arctic warfare. The white camouflage outfit worn outside of the disruptive pattern uniform helps the Royal Marine blend into the surrounding environment. The rifle is painted white for the same reason.

The Making of a Royal Marines Commando is now open in Action Stations at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. Book your All Attraction ticket online and save 20% on the
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