New Community Art Trail on board HMS Caroline

Visit HMS Caroline this January and experience a special art and research project linked to the archives of HMS Caroline and life onboard!

The team at HMS Caroline have been busy working with Forthspring Inter-Community Centre for the last few months to develop this new project. The group have visited the ship and worked closely with a mixed media artist to create their own artworks, each one inspired by life onboard, photographic collections from the First World War and extracts from 16 year old Boy Telegraphist William Crick’s diary.

The pieces created are mixed media assemblages, textiles and sculptures that in some way echo the environment of HMS Caroline onboard and reflect the materials that sailors would have engaged with in their own pastimes.

Make sure to discover this Art Trail on your next visit. All of the pieces can be viewed onboard from Thursday 16th January to Thursday 6th February 2020. Take a brochure and learn more about the project, the artwork and the themes behind this piece.

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