Jutland Sailor Focus - Philip White, Torpedo Gunner At Jutland


We were delighted to welcome brother and sister David and Jill Stoker, who travelled from California and New Zealand to experience our Jutland exhibition.

Their grandfather Philip White was a torpedo gunner on HMS Spitfire at the Battle of Jutland in 1916. They were delighted to spot an image which they think shows their grandfather in action at the Battle of Jutland.

David Stoker: “Our grandfather never spoke of the battle so everything we know has been from reading books and accounts but the exhibit here makes things much more vivid and memorable.”

Jill Stoker: “Also because it’s the 100th anniversary of events during the First World War, it’s a great opportunity for people of all ages to come and find out more about the history.”

Family cherished memories shared

During their visit David and Jill shared some special memories from their grandfather’s Jutland experience. 
From parts of White's 1915 diary, they noted how much drinking, dressing-up, playing cards and general high-jinx went on whilst off-duty. Noted in the diary he is just referred to as 'the gunner'. 
They were particularly interested in this entry (Thursday, 25th March 1915) for when their grandfather was away on compassionate leave:
“…weighed & carried out Battle Practice at 7.0am – it was rotten bad shooting as everything was so upside down having no gunner etc!! I had to control both guns. Carried on, on patrol afterwards. The sub and self are in watch & watch now the gunner is away.”

Philip White

Philip White Torpedo Gun - White's position

White BG