£1 million boost for new museum project from Royal Marines charity

Critical support has been given to The National Museum of the Royal Navy’s project to open a new Royal Marines Museum by RMA The Royal Marines Charity (RMA-TRMC) which has pledged a £1 million donation.

The plans to open a new museum at the heart of Portsmouth Historic Dockyard received the vital boost from the charity, which exists to help the entire Royal Marines family.

The £1 million gift from the charity’s historic reserves recognise the level of connectivity between the ethos of the RMA TRMC and the objective of the museum to remember those who have served, those who serve today and those who will serve.

Professor Dominic Tweddle, Director General of The National Museum of the Royal Navy said:

“We are incredibly grateful to RMA The Royal Marines Charity for this donation and it puts the Royal Marines Family right at the centre of what we do. Not only does it directly benefit the project but provides the National Museum with the assurance that the museum we have set out to deliver has the backing of serving and former Royal Marines and their families.

“The best museums are places for people and we hope to create the very best example in the new Royal Marines Museum. RMA TRMC provides a valuable service, delivering vital and varied support to Royal Marines and their families. Whilst they care for the Royal Marines Community, we will be telling their story; of daring, duty and sacrifice.”

Jonathan Ball, Chief Executive of RMA-TRMC commented,

“The new Royal Marines Museum is not just about commemorating the past sacrifice and courage of Royal Marines. It will pay tribute to the Commando Spirit - courage, unselfishness, humility and humour - which epitomises the Royal Marines today and in the years to come. The location of the Museum will increase the footfall tenfold over the old Museum at Eastney, so the Royal Marines' story will be spread even wider and hopefully will encourage the next generation to join.

This is why the Trustees of RMA-The Royal Marines Charity have made their donation of £1M over four years. The gift comes from historic reserves rather than from funds collected for their support of wounded, injured and sick Royal Marines, and so will not in any way affect our ability to support Royal Marines and their families in need.”

The new Royal Marines Museum, at the very heart of Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, will place the 356-year history of the Royal Marines firmly within the story of the Royal Navy. For the first time the story of the Royal Marines, a national story, but also a story with impact across the globe will be told in a building appropriate to its scale. The experience will allow visitors not only to learn about who the Royal Marines are, but also invite them to partake in a number of activities designed to give a taste of the physical fitness and mental agility required to be a Royal Marine Commando.

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