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HMS Warrior

HMS Warrior

Britain’s first iron-hulled, armoured battleship. Launched in 1860, at a time of empire when Britain’s dominance in trade and industry was undisputed. Powered by steam and sail, Warrior was the largest, fastest and most powerful warship of her day having a lasting influence on naval architecture and design. Work and life on board reflected the changes the Royal Navy experienced as it evolved into a professional service and the shifts in Victorian society.

Built to counter the latest French battleship, Warrior was, in her time, the ultimate deterrent. Yet by igniting a new era in naval technology, she soon became outdated. 



Key Facts

Innovation icon

Groundbreaking Innovation

The fastest and most powerful warship in centuries


Gun Icon

36 Guns

The first warship to use  percussion fuse shells

Battle Icon

Zero Battles

HMS Warrior kept the peace by deterring potential enemies


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90k Sea Miles

Patroled British coastal waters and made voyages to Lisbon and Gibraltar


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700 Man Crew

Manpower was essential for the guns, the sails, capstans, ropes and the engine.


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160 Years

HMS Warrior is the last of the 45 iron-hulled ships built between1861 and 77











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Plan Your Visit

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 Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, Victory Gate,                                       HM Naval Base, Portsmouth PO1 3LJ
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The National Museum of the Royal Navy is committed to preserving the pride of Queen Victoria's fleet, HMS Warrior. 

As Britain’s first iron-hulled, armoured battleship, HMS Warrior represents the innovation and might of the Royal Navy. 





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