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Last updated 3rd August 2018

Invitation to Tender, REF: RM3816 Crown Commerical Sercvies Framework for Estate Professional Services. Call off procurement Sale Agent to advise on a strategy for the disposal of the site forming the Royal Marines' Museum near Eastney Barracks, Hampshire (click to download)

  1. Invitation to tender (ITT)
  2. Appendix - Call Off Contract
  3. Appendix - Service Description
  4. Appendix - Response Guidance
  5. Appendix - Non Disclosure Agreement (Word Version)
  6. Annex 1 - RMM Site Plan
  7. Annex 2 - Photographs, Elevations and Floorplans
  8. Clarification Questions and Responses 

HMS Hermes returning from the Falklands