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A partnership with the National Museum of the Royal Navy benefits both the preservation of naval heritage and your brand profile. 

Corporate Partnerships

We have several levels of corporate partnership to suit all interests and budgets. By partnering with the National Museum of the Royal Navy your company will have the opportunity to support one of our specific service museums or you can support us nationally. Support can take many forms, from capital projects, to major appeals, or one of the many permanent galleries at any of our sites in the UK. In return your company will receive named and branded recognition, numerous benefits including event invitations, private tours, and  volunteering opportunities.

A number of teams across NMRN will collaborate with you to tailor the partnership and maximise the long-term benefits to your brand profile. Working with us will ensure that you are forever recognised as being part of the stategic development of the National Museum of the Royal Navy. 

Sponsorship Partnership

Our sponsorship partnership enables your company to support us by sponsoring specific objects, temporary exhibitions, and learning programmes. Sponsorship allows you to align yourself with the Royal Navy’s iconic stories. 

Included in our sponsorship packages are:

  • Adopt an object: Our adoption scheme gives you the chance to put your name on some of the most interesting, informative, and educational items in our collection 
  • Temporary exhibitions: Our world-leading exhibitions provide unparalleled insights and experiences into maritime heritage and attract a truly global audience
  • Learning programme sponsorship: Support from companies enhances our learning projects by providing resources, staff, transport, and community engagement sessions that otherwise wouldn't be possible