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Mother and daughter next to the captain's desk in his quarters aboard HMS Caroline

Captain’s Quarters

Walk into the authentic historical spaces on board HMS Caroline and it’ll feel like the crew never left! Could you have slept in a hammock like the marines and seamen? Or would only the Captain’s Quarter have done for you?

Life on board

Most of the men living aboard HMS Caroline slept in the two large 'Mess Decks', each capable of holding up to 94 crewmen. These 'Mess Decks' were cramped, relying on stoves for heating in winter and lacking ventilation during hot weather. Condensation would run from the sides and ceiling, dripping onto those trying to eat or sleep in the fetid conditions. 

In contrast the senior rates, specialists, and the ship’s Royal Marines had smaller, separate 'Mess Decks', offering a less crowded existence and some privacy. Finally the Captain, as expected for his rank, had the most luxurious lodgings, with his cabin suite including a dining cabin and a ‘day cabin’, essentially an office, along with a sleeping cabin and a private bathroom. 

Exterior of HMS Caroline

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