HMS Victory

Experience life on board HMS Victory, the world’s most famous warship, learn about the real lives of the crew, and uncover the inspiring story of Horatio Nelson and how the battle of Trafalgar was won.

Try The New Audio Tour

The visitor experience on board HMS Victory at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard has been transformed as Nelson’s famous flagship from the Battle of Trafalgar is brought alive with a hand-held audio guide for the first time in the ship’s history.
The launch of the guide concludes an eventful year that has seen a new look, new colours and a new visitor route around Nelson’s flagship, probably the world’s most famous ship. Visitors now get to experience HMS Victory through Nelson’s eyes, as the drama of the battle of Trafalgar unfolds, deck-by-deck, hour by hour, when the ship sets sail from Portsmouth.
We meet a cast of nine characters from Dorset-born Captain Thomas Masterton Hardy, aged 36, 18-year old Midshipman John Pollard to Vice-Admiral Lord Nelson who led the fleet to victory, but paid the ultimate price in doing so.
As visitors board the ship it is September 14th, 1805. The Historic Ships team at The National Museum of the Royal Navy, which now owns the ship, have worked hard to make the ship look just as she did at the time of Trafalgar, from the colours she’s painted in, to the food on the mess tables.
Visitors ascend to the quarterdeck and poop deck, the latter open to the public for the first time this year. In fact, with the new route opened earlier this year, there is nearly 80% more of the ship for visitors to explore. 
The scene is set for visitors to follow in the footsteps of Nelson and his crew through the sick bay, gun decks, the place where Nelson died on the orlop deck and then further below into the hold before they leave the ship through the dry dock she has sat in since 1922, again, another first.
The knowledgeable team of guides will still be on hand to answer any queries and guided tours remain during the week between November and March. 


Opening Times

The Historic Dockyard opens at 10:00 am every day throughout the year, except when closed on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

From April-October: Last tickets are sold at 16:30; last entry to HMS Victory is 16:45 and the Dockyard gates are closed at 18:00.

From November - March: Last entry to HMS Victory is 16:00 and the Dockyard gates are closed at 17:30.



HMS Victory remains a commissioned ship of the Royal Navy and the Flag Ship of the First Sea Lord. Due to service commitments, there are occasions when HMS Victory will be closed to the public for all or part of the day.

c/o National Museum of the Royal Navy, HM Naval Base (PP66), Portsmouth PO1 3NH