Research Seminar: Sydney Marrow Eardley-Wilmot and ‘The battle of the North Sea’

Event Date: 
Wednesday, 11 February 2015 -
5:30pm to 6:30pm
National Museum of the Royal Navy Portsmouth
Princess Royal Gallery
Speaker: Jorit Wintjes, University of Wurtzburg
Rear Admiral Sydney Marrow Eardley Wilmot, entered the navy in 1866. Alongside a career of nearly 65 years he was also a prolific writer on naval topics, including novels on how future wars might turn out. While his “The next naval war” published in 1894 focussed on a naval conflict with France, in “The battle of the North Sea” published 18 years later he turned to a possible conflict with Germany. 
This seminar will compare his two novels and then take a closer look at his 1912 “The battle of the North Sea”, which centres around a Jutland-style engagement. It therefore lends itself to comparison with what actually happened at Jutland four years later. Expect some interesting insights into how tactical as well as strategic thinking developed between 1912 and 1914/1916.
FREE event, no booking required. For more information please contact 02392 720716

Nelson's funeral barge

The funeral barge used to transport Nelson’s body down the Thames is preserved at the NMRN.