Key Stage 2

Key Stage 2

Our Key Stage Two workshops aim to stimulate thinking skills, encourage team working and are fun, interactive and varied enough to appeal to the liveliest of classes!


New Course: Victorian Shipmates

Curriculum Links: History

Price: Discovery visit £4 per pupil + £50 per one hour workshop for up to 35 people

Join the Victorian Navy and explore life on board the mighty HMS Warrior.  Through a range of interactive activities pupils will find out what jobs sailors did as well as seeing first- hand what the living conditions were like for the crew. What did they eat? How did Victorian medicine help them stay healthy… or not? Pupils will have the opportunity to try out a hammock, handle real artefacts and take part in role play and dressing up which will bring the past to life.


HMS school workshops

Make a Ship Shape Ship

Curriculum links: Science (Forces and motion)

Price: Free Discovery Visit + £80 for 1.5 hour workshop for up to 35 people.

In this workshop pupils become marine engineers and apply scientific concepts to solve a technology problem. They investigate how the shape of the hull affects the drag force on ship as it moves through water, and then use the results to design and test the effectiveness of their own ship's hull.



Curriculum links: History, Maths

Price: FREE Museum Visit + £50 per 1 hour workshop for up to 35 people.

Join us for an action packed, activity based session, in which pupils will be 'trained' for life at sea. From calculating how many Ship's Biscuits would be needed to feed the crew for a week to object handling and role play, children discover what life was like in Nelson's Navy.

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Dockyard: Then and now

Curriculum links: Local History Enquiry

Price: FREE Museum Visit + £80 per workshop per 1.5 hours for up to 30 people.

Children become 'Dockyard Detectives' investigating clues on a special tour to find out how Portsmouth Dockyard has adapted and changed through time. An excellent introduction to fieldwork investigations and history in evidence where children will explore how the social and technological changes have transformed people's lives in the local area.


Elizabethan exploration and discovery

Curriculum links: History, Geography, English (drama)

Price: FREE Museum Visit + £50  per 1 hour workshop for up to 35 people.

From the time of the Tudors and the early Navy explorers have been taking to the high seas in search of new worlds and cultures. This hands-on investigative session uses 'discovery boxes' as children follow in the footsteps of explorers like Drake and Hawkins. This session is excellent for developing children's natural inquisitiveness and develops enquiry skills culminating in a presentation of their findings to the monarch!

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NEW! World History

Slavery through Objects
Curriculum Links: History (World History Benin), English
Price: Free Discovery Visit + £50 per 1 hour workshop for up to 35 people.
This session allows pupils to explore the wider issues and human stories behind slavery. Through a variety of investigative activities focusing on object handling and creative writing, children work together to discover more about the people and processes involved in the Transatlantic Slave Trade.



All Hands on Deck

Curriculum Links: History, English, Geography

Price: £50 per 1 hour workshop for up to 30 people*

A cross-curricular, action packed experience which combines activities with role play on the Lower Gun Deck of HMS Victory. Pupils 'join' the Royal Navy at the time of Nelson, and experience a day in the life of a sailor including taking part in the 'powder monkey challenge' and 'learning the ropes'. Led by costumed staff, this workshop will give pupils, the opportunity to discover what life was like on board for the crew of HMS Victory.


Ship Shape and a square meal

Curriculum Links: Science, Maths, Design and Technology

Price: £50 per 1 hour workshop for up to 30 people.

Did sailors really eat maggots? What about their 5 a day? Discover more about the health and well-being of sailors on board HMS Victory. Through a range of hands-on activities pupils discover what sailors ate and how they kept clean, learning about the importance of keeping a crew healthy. They compare the diet of sailors then to what we eat now and decide who is healthier.


HMS Hermes returning from the Falklands