Special Events

Special Events

Our special events offer a different way of engaging with our collections and the story of the Royal Navy.


NEW! Remembrance - Our Stories 

Date: Monday 4 November to Monday 11 November 2019

Location: The National Museum of the Royal Navy, Portsmouth

Target Groups: KS2 & 3

Price: £80 per 1.5 hour workshop and HMS – Hear My Story tour for up to 35 people

Using veteran case studies and our unique, multi-media Remembrance Kitbags’ pupils interpret different types of primary evidence and develop historical enquiry skills to discover more about the experiences and personal stories of servicemen and women. Kitbags include artefacts, photographs and face to face interviews. The workshop includes a guided tour led by real life veterans and/or costumed volunteers.

Contact: phd.learning@nmrn.org.uk

HMS Hermes returning from the Falklands