Archive access sessions and workshops

Students looking at archive documents

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If you cannot see anything that suits your needs, please contact us as we are happy to develop tailored sessions.

History in evidence: Archive Access Sessions

Price: FREE Discovery Visit + £70 per half day workshop for up to 35 people

Incorporating behind the scenes tours, gallery visits and focused activities these tailor made sessions provide students with a unique opportunity to access the museum archives and examine primary sources relevant to their course of study. Topics available include: Maritime exploration & the development of commonwealth and empire; Nelson, Napoleon & Trafalgar; the Royal Navy & the Transatlantic Slave Trade; World War I: blockades, Jutland & the Gallipoli campaign; World War II: the battle of the Atlantic, Dunkirk, D Day & the Forgotten Fleet; The Falklands Conflict; Women and their changing role in the Navy; History around us: Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

Exploring marketing in a travel & tourism organisation

Price: FREE Discovery Visit + £70 per half day workshop for up to 35 people

In this activity based session students learn about the Museum (the oldest in the Dockyard) as a visitor and heritage attraction. In groups they investigate target audiences, marketing and evaluation materials, tour the galleries, conduct a SWOT analysis and produce a piece of promotional material customised for a specific audience.

Importance of visitor attractions to the UK and local economy

Price: FREE Discovery Visit + £70 per half day workshop for up to 35 people

This workshop entails a hands on approach to identifying the popularity of visitor attractions and the impact they have on the local economy and UK tourism through activity based projects, behind the scenes tours and case studies. Students will look at the products and services provided for visitors, different interpretation techniques, audience development and examine what the future holds for NMRN and HMS Victory. Also links to: The UK as a tourist destination and OCR Cultural Tourism.

Customer service in visitor attractions, museums & heritage

Price: FREE Discovery Visit + £70 per half day workshop for up to 35 people.

Looking at mission statements, customer commitments and policies, students will learn how NMRN & HMS Victory attract customers and adapt customer service to meet their needs and encourage loyalty. Students will participate in a mystery shop to see if the museum is achieving its goals and identify areas for improvement. In groups they will look at original customer feedback and compare ways on how to respond. Work produced throughout the day can be used towards assignments within customer service. Also links to: Understanding & developing customer service in travel and tourism.

HMS Hermes returning from the Falklands