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The National Museum of the Royal Navy (NMRN), in partnership with the Imperial War Museum, is launching a blockbuster centenary exhibition “36 hours: Jutland 1916, The Battle That Won The War”, in May 2016. 
Jutland was the greatest naval battle ever. It involved some 249 ships and 96,000 men, this battle off Denmark’s North Sea coast was the only major naval surface engagement of the First World War. The battle began in the afternoon of May 31, 1916, with gunfire between the German and British scouting forces. 
The NMRN exhibition will include a digital project that will engage the nation, encouraging them to discover, remember and share stories of those involved in the battle. These stories will then be told in a unique way. Working with Ordnance Survey and their Mappings Solutions, an interactive map will be produced which the public can view and participate in, at any time, on any device such as a smartphone or tablet. They will be able to upload and share on social media their personal memories and images of their family members relating to Jutland. Highly detailed maps will also allow people to see what the landscape looked like at the time of the battle circa 1916. This will be provided by the Scottish Archives. The interactive map can be viewed here
We are incredibly grateful to the Portsdown U3A team for the use of the data they have spent 18 months researching, for the Battle of Jutland project. This in conjunction with a team from Portsmouth University. Portsdown U3A have been funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and this in turn has helped them to find data on more than 2,000 sailors and marines lost by the British Fleet at the Battle of Jutland – with more data to come.
We are also delighted to be working with The Royal Hospital School, where more than 100 former pupils lost their lives at the Battle of Jutland, and Mr Nick Jellicoe, the grandson of Admiral Sir John Jellicoe, 1st Earl of Jellicoe who commanded the British Grand Fleet. Later phases of the project may include the German Nation involvement in the battle and the stories of its people. The aim of the project is to unearth the stories of the 100,000 people who fought in the Battle of Jutland.  

Discover, Remember and Share 

Discover, remember and share your stories of those who fought in the Battle of theJutland.  Many members have already submitted a wealth of images and information.

Our web interface will be live in February 2016 and to upload your family story you just need to link to the site ( link pending) . You can then upload your family or commmunity images, add some notes and link your family member to an artefact, ship or location. Then share your image and/or location with the community via social media, such as Twitter and Facebook. Want to get started now ? Then please send us your story/memories via email webmaster@nmrn,org.uk.


How Else Can I Get Involved?

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What is the Jutland Impact Project Going to Look Like? 

As we develop the site that will allow you to upload your story we will share the look and feel and welcome your comments. We strongly believe that making our interface easy to use is our top priority and welcome any early adopters who would like to load their stories before we launch. If you would like to get involved via email webmaster@nmrn,org.uk.

What Can I Search For ?

When the interface goes live you will be able to free search (like Google search). So just type in what information you know or are looking for e.g 292789 William 

So details like service number, first name, last name, rank, ship name, memorial etc. will bring back results that will be sorted by category to help you find what you are looking for very easily.



Project Team 

Application Design and User Interface
Nautoguide Ltd - Dave Barter 
Data Research
National Museum of the Royal Navy - Team led by Mr Nick Hewitt
Portsmouth University - Team led by Dr Brad Beaven leads the Port Towns & Urban Cultures research group , University of Portsmouth
Portsdown U3A - Team led by Steve Doe
Royal Hospital School - Team led by Rob Mann
Nick Jellicoe - Key Descendant Battle of Jutland Centenary Initiative
Dr. Antony Firth, MCIfA  Director Fjordr Limited





HMS Hermes returning from the Falklands