Exchange Project: Tidal Teatime

Exchange Project: Tidal Teatime

Brief: Community film maker to support community participants in developing a short film in connection to the project Tidal Teatime. 

1. Introduction
The project team for the Tidal Teatime project wish to appoint a community film maker to support community participants to explore and represent the museum collections research they have engaged in through a short film. The National Museum of the Royal Navy will be the administrative lead, but the film maker is accountable to the project team (a partnership between the community group Chat Over Chai, representatives of the Royal Navy and the National Museum of the Royal Navy - NMRN).

The commission is part of a wider project to explore approaches to community led collections research. The community groups Chat Over Chai and the Royal Navy will develop a more inclusive understanding of NMRN’s collections related to the themes of empire, migration and life in Britain through the medium of tea.

We plan to create a safe and welcoming space for people to undertake this research and explore these stories by using the comforting associations with tea to help support people. We understand that some of the stories we will uncover may not just be uncomfortable, but may also be distressing. Using the associations that drinking tea has as a backdrop to difficult conversations and providing a way of soothing feelings will be a metaphor for our approach to offering people a space to talk and work through the discomfort. We intend that through this process we can create awareness, greater understanding and a more honest account.

The project is being funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council through the Exchange project (a partnership between National Museums Scotland and Royal Museums Greenwich). 

2. Purpose and Scope of the work
The project team wish to appoint an film maker with experience of working with communities to explore the research questions posed through the project and the responses to those questions in a creative way, culminating in a short film, which should be able to be viewed on a screen in our galleries or on a mobile device.

The film maker will respond to the needs and interests of the participants, but may make suggestions around the style of the film, given the subject matter, experience of the participants and time and budgetary constraints. The film should explore aspects of the collections that have been researched, but also the thoughts and feelings of the participants to those collections. The film maker will work with participants develop the film through a series of workshops.

The film will be shared with a wider audience in a public space (to be confirmed – this could be at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, in the community and in an online space) in late June.

The creative outputs produced and any intellectual property associated with them will be owned by the community participants and NMRN.

3. Management of the commission
The commission will be managed administratively by NMRN.

Key relationships and liaison are required with staff drawn from the project team, including:
• The project working party (representatives of Chat Over Chai, The Royal Navy and NMRN)
• Community participants (Chat Over Chai, The Royal Navy)

We expect the film maker to attend a commissioning meeting and then maintain regular communication throughout the project, as well as delivering a series of creative workshops.

4. Timescales
Deadline for submission: Monday 9th May
Decision: Tuesday 17th May
Contract commences: Wednesday 18th May
Contract complete by: Friday 24th June
We reserve the right to call shortlisted film makers for a short interview, either in person or via MS Teams.

5. Skills required
The film maker should have experience and expertise in:
• Working with communities
• Participative practice and co-creation
• Responding to emotions, thoughts and feelings
• Dealing with difficult and contentious subjects
• All aspects of film making from storyboarding through to editing
• Film maker must supply equipment

6. Fees and payment
The total fee available for this work is £5000 (inclusive of all expenses, but exclusive of VAT) and £500 for materials and will be paid in two instalments:
• 50% on commencement
• 50% on completion.

7. Requirements of the submission
Your submission should include details of:
• Your approach to the project, including details of your approach to co-creation (a statement of no more than 1 side of A4)
• Confirmation that you have the appropriate equipment to deliver the commission
• At least three example of relevant work you have created
• Your CV detailing your experience
• Two client references, including a community reference and a professional organisation reference
• A fixed fee showing your daily rate, number of days spent on each task and including all fees and expenses
• Proof of your public liability insurance (at least £2 million) and proof of your self employed status.

Please address any enquiries to Submissions should be sent to the same email address by midday Monday 9th May.

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