We are pleased to announce that we will be re-opening our sites in Portsmouth, Gosport and Yeovilton on Wednesday 2 December 2020. 
Unfortunately, due to government guidelines, Hartlepool will remain closed.
 HMS Caroline remains closed to the public.

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Fleet Air Arm Museum

Europe's largest collection of Royal Navy aircraft



We’ve recovered from our forced landing and we have been given the green light for take-off once again on Wednesday 2 December 2020 and our crew are ready to welcome you back!

When you return, your safety and enjoyment will be our number one priority, which is why we are asking all visitors including 12 month ticket holders and members to pre-book their tickets online. For those of you coming back with a valid ticket, then don't forget to book your return day/time using your returner ID.

For those of you with tickets that were valid for while we were shut between 5 Nov - 2 Dec 2020, an automatic 28 day extension will be added to your ticket - there is no need to do anything, we have taken care of that for you.

For information on our safety measures please download our safety pack and our risk assessment document.

We can’t wait to see you again soon!


Fleet Air Arm Museum

Discover Europe's largest collection of Royal Navy aircraft at Fleet Air Arm Museum - an award winning naval aviation museum located in Yeovilton, Illchester. The all-weather attraction is the perfect place for all the family with immersive experiences, outdoor play area and history on legendary Royal Navy aircraft.

Over 102 airframes and counting

Since opening in 1964, Fleet Air Arm Museum has grown its collection of Royal Navy aircraft to 102 with more being added every year. The museum features large halls containing dozens of aircraft from all eras of naval aviation, from the first manned kites towed behind naval vessels, to helium filled airships, seaplanes and Second World War aircraft. The eclectic mix of aircraft makes Fleet Air Arm Museum's collection the largest in Europe. From hall 1 and the development of Royal Navy air power and technology as a formidable air power to the epic Concorde 002 in hall 4 as you learn about the theory of flight. 

Leading the edge in modern aircraft design 

An exceptional and highly decorate Concorde 002 is the centre piece of our collection in hall 4, as the 'leading edge' exhibition showcases truly exceptional aircraft and developments in design and technology. The British aircraft industry has always been at the forefront of these world leading fields with the Fairey Delta Two, the delta winged HP115 and the last surviving Westland Wyvern representing the ingenuity behind them. 

Climb onboard our HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier

A brand new addition to Fleet Air Arm Museum sees the introduction of an outdoor adventure playground which is perfect for all the family as you climb onboard the UK's largest aircraft carrier. Swing, slide and climb your way onboard our 60ft accessible play area with wheelchair friendly equipment. The play area seeks to inspire young and old alike who want to pretend to pilot a F-35 jet or helicopter. 


We are temporarily not accepting walk up ticket purchases, so make sure you buy your ticket and book your time slot in advance!

Immerse yourself in Royal Navy aircraft at Fleet Air Arm Museum as you inspire the next generation of little naval aviation experts. Book online and visit for a year.






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