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Society of Friends Evening Talk - SBS Veterans and Robert Brooke.

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3 soldiers holding guns up to their face, with smoke behind them

The Society of Friends of the Fleet Air Arm Museum monthly evening talk.

The SBS teams engaged in strategic and tactical missions throughout the Falklands Islands Conflict. They were instrumental in the re-taking of South Georgia and the Falkland Islands. They executed numerous, time critical, sensitive and defining covert missions weeks ahead of the main task force arrival in complete isolation without any form of effective mutual support. They gathered and reported critical information, conducting beach reconnaissance prior to all amphibious landings, captured the Narwal Intelligence Gathering Trawler and undertook ‘Direct Action’ tasking such as the capture of the key Argentine heavy weapons position at Fanning Head that overlooked the primary and key amphibious landing areas of San Carlos Water.

Our speakers for this evening are SBS Royal Marine Veterans who will talk about their unique personal experiences. They will provide their views on the wider and vital ‘conflict changing’ operations, with reflections on their successes and tragedies in Operation Corporate.

Tickets will be available at the end of February.

Tickets are sold through the Society of Friends website.

Please see their website for details of cost and payment.

The Society of Friends website