Contemporary Collections

Contemporary Collections

Contemporary Collection

Very often the true historical significance of an event isn’t immediately obvious. However, recent events arguably are an exception to this rule as the COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly changed life as we know it. In recognition of this, The National Museum of the Royal Navy is launching its Contemporary Collections.

The purpose of the Contemporary Collections is to document historically significant events as they unfold by collecting objects which represent the experiences of Royal Navy personnel and the wider naval community for future generations.

Royal Navy Covid-19 Collection

Royal Navy Covid-19 Project

For Armed Forces Day 2020, The National Museum of the Royal Navy is launching its Contemporary Collections with the Royal Navy COVID-19 Response Collection project. This project seeks to capture the Royal Navy and Royal Marine’s role in the national response to the Coronavirus crisis for posterity.

As well as documenting the Royal Navy’s response, The National Museum also wants to record the experiences of the many naval personnel placed on standby as part of the COVID Support Force, the hundreds of Royal Naval Doctors and Nurses working on the front line in NHS facilities, and those in support and logistic roles.

This is where you come in. The National Museum is calling on the wider naval community including family, friends, charities and other support services to support the initiative by registering your interest in the project by emailing and donating objects that represent your experiences during the pandemic.

What Objects to Donate

Historically, naval efforts have been captured in the form of letters to families, physical photographs, care packages, memorabilia, art and written documents but in this digital age, we seek to also capitalise on the incredible content being created using digital tools. As such social media posts, music and videos are also welcome.


How to Contribute

  • Email us with information about your potential donation:
  • Tell us what it is, what it means to you and include a photo if you can.

Please note that we won’t be able to physically collect any material until it is safe to do so and our venues reopen.



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